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Nparcel works with courier transport companies and appoints Newsagents across Australia as parcel pick up and drop off points. It also offers a suite of e-leisure services that have seen significant growth within the retail landscape.


Our Services



TOLL is the first logistic fleet joined Nparcel platform. Their long existence in Australia provided aid in building the foundation of Nparcel. Besides that, due to date TOLL’s fleet provides most of the parcel flow within the Nparcel channel.


Fastway is a dynamic third party logistic partner that offers competitive prices among the others. More importantly, they allow newsagents benefited from their outbound parcel services. They are still fairly new within the market, but their coverage is growing significantly. To check the availability of Fastway in your area please follow this link.


TNT is a global third party logistic company (3PL) headquartered in Amsterdam. Their presence in Nparcel platform gives additional parcels flow inwards Newsagency. Moreover, TNT services operated under Blueshyft platform which offers a variety of other beneficial products. To find out more about other Blueshyft’s products.


Ladbrokes is the first e-Leisure services offered by Nparcel, their occurrence positively impacts cash flow of Nparcel agents. Within just a few months after their launching, Ladbrokes has been significantly benefiting newsagents. Here are some good stories of Ladbrokes; February story, March story, April story.


Bitcoin is a cutting-edge financial service provided by Nparcel, Blueshyft, and Bitcoin.com.au. This collaboration creates an opportunity for newsagents all over Australia to participate in the revolution of the financial industry. By allowing newsagents to become a cash-deposit counter for Bitcoin currencies, it attracts attention of a renown media.


Soda King is a soda canister replenishment service, which targets a young and hip market shares. This service comes under Blueshyft and adds a variety of what Nparcel can offer to newsagents. With an irresistible deal given to newsagents, this lifestyle services certainly can increase foot traffic into newsagents.