How Does It Work

Nparcel works with courier transport companies and appoints Newsagents across Australia as parcel pick up and drop off points. It also offers a suite of e-leisure services that have seen significant growth within the retail landscape.


Parcel Pick-Up

Parcel pick-up service include “missed delivery” and “primary elect”. Missed delivery allows customer to pick up their parcels from a nearby Newsagent and primary elect allows customer to nominate a Newsagency as collection point when they check-out online with participating retailers.

Parcel Drop-Off

Parcel drop-off service include “sending” and “returning” parcels. Customers are able to send a parcel by either purchasing labels from the courier company or a prepaid satchels from a Newsagent; Customer are also able to drop off parcels being returned to participating online retailers.

Prepaid Satchel Sales

Prepaid satchels can be purchased at an Nparcel Newsagency. The satchel can then be dropped off at the same or another different Nparcel Newsagency to be sent.


Account Top Up

Customers can sign up new account with Ladbrokes, top up existing account, and purchase prepaid cards.