My Office CBD

The service is extremely convenient for customers in my area as they are usually not home during driver deliveries. Some of the customers coming in didn’t know our newsagency existed so new customers are always a bonus! 164 parcels only with one logistics provider for the month of November.

Reservoir Newsagency

Customers love it because they don’t have to rush here to pick up their parcels because we are open outside normal trading hours. For the month of November we received over $200 in commission.

Wonthaggi Newsagency

We get customers coming in from other outlying country areas as we are the only newsagency participating in parcel services in South Gippsland.



Surry Hills Newsagency

Nparcel has provided a lot of foot traffic into my shop. The process is pretty easy and straightforward, and while I go to grab their parcels, the customers usually purchase something else from here as well.

King St Newsagency

Very convenient when customers are not at home. Instead of missing another redelivery from the driver, they can come here instead.



Stafford Heights News

Nparcel keeps newsagency relevant and sends customers here instead of Australia Post. My regulars love the service and the new ones come back because they realise they can grab other things here as well.

Grange News

Nparcel communicates with us regularly and whenever I raise any issues with them, they keep me in the loop and try to resolve it ASAP. They are transparent and do not chuck you in the deep end and leave you there by yourself.


WA –

Newstime Lottery Centre

Our shop is situated in the heart of the CBD and surrounded by heaps of apartments. Once customers have picked up a parcel here once, they redirect their futures parcels here because it’s easy. Our customer base has grown since we started with Nparcel and the girls there are very friendly and will help you whenever there are issues.

Claremont Newsagency

From a customer’s perspective, they really love the after hour pickups and a large percentage of them also grab other things while they are here.



Churchill Centre Newsagency

We have the full Nparcel package and the system is very easy to use and the process is pretty straightforward. Nparcel better add on more couriers because we want to be the parcel destination point for everyone here. Whenever I have any issues, I just need to make a quick phone call and the girls are happy to help.



Elizabeth Mall Newsagency

Extremely efficient and straight forward process that works well. The service helps out the customers as they really love the convenience.


NT –

Coolalinga Newsagency

Customers like how their parcels are dropped off here when the driver has missed them at home because they can pick it up whenever it is convenient for them. The depots are out of the way for most so they appreciate not having to travel far.



Dickson Newsagency

The Nparcel system is quick and easy and our trading hours are attractive to customers because they can pop in to grab a parcel without it interfering with work or other commitments.